Innovation on Gardner Engines

It might seem that a vintage engine like the Gardner would leave little scope for innovation.   But in fact this is not true.

Among the more interesting projects we have been involved in:

Electro/Hydraulic controls for the Gardner 2UC gearbox.    Click here for video.

  • replacement for the traditional Gardner alternator drive shaft  On the Gardner auxiliary shaft rubber couplings were normally used for driving the alternator.   Modern versions of these can prove unreliable.    Along with one of the UK’s leading transmission companies we have developed a whole new shaft offering considerable flexibility, low cost and longevity.
  • design of marine instrument panels:   We have designed a number of marine instrument panels with mixed re settable fusing and comprehensive instrumentation.
  • stainless steel exhaust manifolds: We can supply these for both 8LXB and 6LXB engines.
  • we can fit tiny on board computers that will monitor and accumulate engine data.   This data can be accumulated and used to identify performance trends, or even transmitted over the internet!
  • engine data, monitoring, reporting and logging of all aspects of your boat and its engine
  • bran new combined compressor and hydraulic pump.  Effective replacement for the original.   Suits most Gardner models.