Shure! I found Tangent Engines on the net, searching for someone that could rebuild our Gardner LW6 from 1958.
It had gone on saltwater cooling all the time, and I do not think it has been serviced in 20 years….
He was the one answering fast, professionally and kind to my inquiries, much better than the rest.
We got the engine over by boat from Norway, and I went there myself to get to know him better – and actually was invited to stay in his home for the visit (two nights). They are a great family!
Then we discarded my engine as a hulk of rust and decided to go for a newer engine he had running, with new gear and reduction. But it turned out to be impossible to get a gearbox to fit the axel. Long story – but in the end Joe started on my engine, and also refurbished both gear and reduction.
I wanted him to do all electrics, and also make the gearshift hydraulic. I also demanded all fittings for pumps etc to be on the engine, and he did the wiring to both  the weelhouse and the outside steering position. Actually the job on the wiring and extras was probably as big as the engine job itself, and also something a bit new for Joe. Not an easy task.
The engine was finished about a year ago and this summer we were finally ready to hoist it into the boat.
There we had this 54 years old engine, shining with bright finish, and the controls ready wired like a new outboard. The wharf had never seen anything like it, and was highly skeptical.
After connecting diesel, water and batteries the men sort of disappeared when I was left to prime the engine and turn the key. Well, I was a bit stressed by this, but had to try. Turned the key, and it started right away. 
We took the boat out here (2/3 of the distance from Norway to the Shetlands) and it all turned out very well. I did expected a nice fuel conception, but was surprised that we had used less than 150 liter on that distance!
All the way Joe has been there with advices and his sense of humor, and I would not hesitate to give him my very best recommendations. Dealing with him compared to the wharf, have been a absolutely delight.
Here is a link to the facebook album of the process:
Best regards
Gjermund Havstad

Other Testimonials

  • Lester Clarke, West IndiesGardner 6LXB

    At this point the engine is in perfect condition thanks to help of you and your team i must say it give me great pleasure working with you guys and we would continue working together towards the future…

  • Simon Hoey, Australia

    I am amazed will the response time.
    I honestly didn’t think I would get a reply.
    Thank you.
    Have watched the video on the fuel pump/motor several times. Awesome thank you.
  • Oded Danielgardner 8lxb love

    Dear Joe,

    Its so nice to get this warm email from you. You are just great!!! 🙂 we love you here!
    So, as mentioned, I just bought a boat with the twin 8LXB 1977 Gardner engines. I am about to prepare the boat for a long off grid exploration journey with my family here in South East Asia. My wife, me and two teenage kids are planning to take the boat from Thailand all of the way to the Fiji islands.
  • Darren Johnson, Oregon, USAgardner engines best
      Received the back plate and ring gear for my old 6LXB.
    Your a knowledge of information and parts for this rare engine in the USA.
    Thank you for helping me receive these transcontinental parts as soon as possible.
    You’ve got our business as long as we own a Gardner Diesel.
     Thanks Joe!
  • Sophie Butler
    I must thank you again for all the help that you have given my with my engine. You have been a real friend and I can not thank you enough.
  • Des Forde

    Helo Joe,
    Seasonal greetings to you and yours.
    I’m very pleased to tell you that the engine I bought from you is now installed in my barge, and running very well.
    I had to be installed with a heavier flywheel to suit the Reintjes gearbox, and I did river trials this October.
    I did take a long time, but it’s worth it.
    Best regards, Des Fforde

  • John Newman, UK

    knowing that you are there and able to provide expert help and support with Gardner engines, especially (in
    my case) a 4LK, was an important factor in me choosing to go ahead with my purchase of the boat.

  • Lyle & Linda Petke

    We recently purchased and installed a Gardner 6LX in our boat , which is in Tacoma , Washington. Mr Joe McCool has always been able and willing to answer any question that we have, and has been more than willing to supply parts , filters , etc. that we have requested. In our opinion, Mr. McCool is the person we will go to for Gardner assistance , and we highly recommend him without reservation.

  • Warren Williams Queensland Australia

    “Hi I wanted a gardner diesel for my 15meter fishing boat in 2009.I got on the internet and put gardner diesel down and tangent gardner came up and i ended up buying a 8lxb off Joe .Everything he said he did. I was vary worried about sending money over their when i didn’t know the company,but every thing he said they did,and the gardner i bought is what he said it was. Thank you Joe.”

  • Jack Baker, Plymoth, UK

    “……, we went to look at a Gardner 8LXB at Tangent engineering in Ireland. Joe Mc Cool picked us up and brought us to his house and workshop, where we presented with an 8lxb looking brand new and sounded like new. When we had it delivered, we got it straight into the boat, (fishing vessel Stella Maris). It’s a proper marine engine, the best you can get as far as I’m concerned. I would recommend Joe Mc Cool to anybody for his workmanship and presentation. A very good service.”

  • John McGrory, Goole, UK

    “i have just unloaded the 8l3b gardner you have reconditioned it is a credit to you and you work force it look,s brand new. well done and thanks best regards”.

  • Rokman Bin Mohd Dayan, Malaysia

    “I not good at writing quotes and I only know that Gardner Engines are reliable engines which I can trust with; apart that refurbishment was under the GOOD HANDS of Tangent.Gardner’s Team of Management. I don’t have any engine problem to date and I believe under proper usage and maintenance, the engine can last another 20 years…Thank you again.”

  • Henry Meitzner, Portsmouth

    “Everytime someone talks to me about boat engines it’s my great pleasure to mention one good place to buy from when it comes to trustworthy inboard boat engines: I don’t need to think twice to instantly recommend Joe McCool’s Tangent-Engeneering.
    The good reputation of Gardner Engines doesn’t need further comments, but the refurbished Gardners leaving Joe’s (and his Team’s) hands have experienced the highest grade of precision and loving care a marine engine can wish for.
    It’s simply about the love and preservation of traditional maritime engineering to highest standards, not just about engines.
    If someone does not just want a source of propulsion, but a reliable piece of refurbished maritime tradition, Joe’s place is the first choice!”

  • Roger Burdett, UK

    “Joe and the team at Tangent provided me with a brilliant recon Gardner 5LW. The engine looked like new and has performed like new not missing a beat in the first 2 years of running. I would have no hesitation in recommending them.”