Axcept – Our Marine Monitoring/Logging System

Axcept can provide a complete logs of your marine engine’s behaviour – over months or even years: coolant temperatures, oil temperature, exhaust temperature, oil pressure, rpm, even power output. When any of these parameters exceed their bounds, the Axcept system will record the exception and inform you – either by email or sms.

You will have a complete log of your engine’s activity over months or years – very useful for planned maintenance, or if you are selling a vessel.  Useful also in the event of an insurance claim.

Engines can be traditional or modern, propulsion, pump or generator.

In fact Axcept can monitor and log any quantity on board – battery or mains voltages, bilge pump activity, fuel levels, ambient temperatures (yes, it can bring on heating systems!),  intruder alarms, ………..  Very useful if the boat is tied up for long periods.

All this you can control and interrogate from your PC or mobile phone, from anywhere in the world.  

Axcept is based on the Raspberry Pi micro computer.  As well as logging exceptions the Pi can be use for browsing the web, playing videos, office applications, accounts ……. anything your desktop PC can do, the Pi  can do.

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